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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> rmporter: well, michael, the camry that driver was in when he was stabbed remains at the scene. we've spoken to d ferent drivers from the new lots cab company here in east new york who say he was told expressly by other co-workers not to park in this area because it wasn't safe. let's show you some video from the crime scene as it happened and unfolded overnight. we still don't know who could be behind this, but we're told cops were giving this driver cpr when many witnesses were aware of what happened here. that driver was taken to brookdale hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. a lot of co-workers say he was a new driver on the job. they believe his last job was at linden and 78th street and he was simply parked here when all of this happened. now, again, we're working to confirm reports about who the victim could be. we spoke to the cab company, but so far they're still not aware
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we'll bring you more details as th become available. >> thank you very much. it's 4:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> a little of a groundhog day, although it's in september. yesterday we climbed to the upper 80s. that's where we are again by the time the day ends today. and 60s. humidity. it's bearable, that's for sure. right now a clear and comfortable city. we are the warm spot. still cooler suburbs by far. some folks hovering around 50. everyone warms to the 70s and 80s. by 3:00, the forecast high of 88 with another full day of sunshine. let's see if there are any early travel issues. >> we have problems with the a train. uptown trains run express. also, we get fast track for the
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no f trains between jamaica and briarwood. also, no a service between euclid avenue and lefferts boulevard. and commuter checklist. port jeff branch, expecting a normal morning commute. right now we have those 20-minute delays westbound on lirr. we have some buss that are detoured this morning. everything else looks okay. alternate side rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you very much, emily. happening now, hawaiian parts of the california coast are under tsunami advisories following a deadly earthquake in chile. footage from chile shows supermarket shelves shaking. at least five people have been killed. one person is missing. the quake was followed by three strong aftershocks with waves of up to 15 feet flooding some coastal neighborhoods. authorities are still assessing the damage.
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for president took aim at donald trump during that second debate. the donald firing right back. >> when he asked florida to have casino gambling, we said no. >> wrong. >> we said no. and that's the simple fact. the -- >> don't make things up. >> don't cut me off. >> all right. you see that interchange there between donald trump and jeb bush. he traded barbs with most of the 11 candidates. but also the candidates fielded questions about immigration, tax reform, and foreign policy. one of the longest rounds of applause went to carly fiorina. he was asked about donald trump's controversial comments about her looks. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> jeb bush also responded to donald trump's characterization of him as a low-energy candidate. when bush was asked what his secret service code name would
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be if elected, he picked ever ready. donald trump suggested humble for his code name. >> that's a code name. all right. former bridgeport mayor is claiming victory in the city's democratic primary. it would be another step in his political comeback. just five years ago, he completed a seven-year prison term for taking bribes from developers. ganim is expected to face finch at the polls again in the november election. finch could appear as an independent candidate. five of the young man charged in the baruch college hazing death are set to be arraigned. they're facing the least serious charges in chun deng's beating death. 37 men are now indicted, five accused of murder. the arraignment will happen in phases to keep the court from being overwhelmed. another setback for the rutgers football team. the head coach now suspended for three games.
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kyle flood violated university policy by contacting a teacher last spring. it happened after he found out a star player was failing a course. he apologized for his actions. university's president spoke exclusively to news 4. >> it's always a difficult decision when you're censuring someone who you believe fundamentally is an ethical and moral person. >> flood's suspension comes after seven players and three former players were arrested on assault and home invasion robbery charges. in the european migrant crisis, croatia now welcoming refugees. hungary's actions being called brutal. this morning, croatia welcomed 5,000 migrants. this follows a confrontation wednesday at the sealed hungarian border with serbia. refugees tear gassed by police and rocks thrown back at police officers. today the three american heroes who stopped a terror attack in france have a big day ahead. they go to the white house.
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president obama plans to thank them for taking down a gunman on a train to paris. the three will also go to the pentagon to receive awards. spencer stone. he's receiving a purple heart combat medal. happening today. changes in times square. plus, a look at how preparations for the pope's visit aren't just taking place on land. and we'll have a check of weather and traffic on the 4s as we look at the hamilton bridge. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter.
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time warner cable. it's 4:42. here are four things to know
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this morning. overnight police issued a missing child alert for 10-year-old celine hicks, last seen in manhattan. she may be with her parents, who do not have custody. katherine creag is in contact with police. today mayor de blasio's times square task force set to meet today. now they only have two weeks to find a solution to those topless painted women and aggressive costume characters in times square. after years of outcries from parents, new york state is shortening its common core standardized test. it affects kids in third through eighth grades. many parents choose to opt out the test. speaking of grades, today the straphangers campaign will release their annual report card on the best and worst subway lines in new york city. always awaited. check back with news 4 and later on. ranks. >> yeah, a lot of people have their own opinions.
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don't always agree with the results. it's 4:43. time for weather and traffic. hey, chris. >> people have opinions about weather all the time too. >> you hear it, don't you? >> for the most part, good. a young carly cimino complained to me yesterday, it's too hot. this is the person who took the lead all winter saying how cold it was and she had to move to a warmer climate. kids today. >> that's your daughter. that's what she has to do. >> keeps me in line. some folks didn't like the heat yesterday, although it is dry. that's the good news. it's not terribly uncomfortable. this time of year the sun angle is a little lower. 88 degrees. that's where we're heading again this afternoon. it's well above normal for this time of year. eventually these temperatures will back down. 70 and clear right now. that's the mildest morning we've had so far this week in the city at least. warm peaks today in the upper 80s. gradual cooling trend as we go towards the weekend and early next week. not much rain in the forecast. we certainly still need the rain around here. to put it in perspective, tolerable heat, yes. normal high, 75.
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today. well above normal. right now we're at 66 in middle village. 63 in floral park. valley stream, you're 62. jfk, 70. inland spots cooler. a couple 50s. morristown down to 50 degrees. we're seeing mid-50s from poughkeepsie to danbury. nothing nearby in terms of organized rain, that's for sure. there's an area of low pressure well up the southeast coast. that. that's brushing across the area early on this morning. it may not be totally clear, especially south and east of the city early on. we anticipate a good deal of sunshine. still have an eye on the tropics. these are the two systems that came off the africa coast. again, 70 percent chance that second one could become a depression as well. most of the computer models taking it towards the middle of the atlantic, away from the u.s. mainland and any of the islands. hot but doesn't feel too bad 88 degrees. sorry, carly cimino.
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clear and quiet tonight. clear but suburbs in the 50s, upper 60s in the city. southerly. again, temperatures generally in the middle 80s. we may knock off a degree or two with sunshine. a nice finish to the workweek. as we go into the weekend, it starts out in the low her 80s on saturday. drops to 80 on sunday. then a cold front slides through early next week. that's going to take that wind and turn it towards the east and northeast. that's going to send in more low-level moisture. that means more clouds around, maybe patchy drizzle. no real significant rain anticipated. here's your seven-day forecast. 88 today. 85 tomorrow. 83 on saturday. all with sunshine. just a few clouds in the mix on sunday at 80. then we're back to the 70s, which is closer to normal, early next week with a few more clouds and maybe a spot or two of drizzle. let's find out if there are any issues on this thursday morning. >> we have a lot of construction. a lot of it is wrapping up. at the george washington bridge,
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some delays there but easing out as construction has cleared. also, let's look at the brooklyn bridge, where that road work is wrapping up. the bqe, that is moving along without delays. into queens, by laguardia, that moves along very nicely this morning. no problems there. and to long island, where the southern state parkway seems to be moving along just fine. here at eagle avenue, that's exit 18. for lirr for port jeff branch, still finding about 20-minute delays westbound. expecting a normal commute this morning. everything else looks okay. e trains uptown running express canal street to 42nd due to switch problems. alternate side meter rules are in effect. very sad news now. the aide to governor cuomo who was shot in the head in brooklyn has died. carey gabay was taken off life support. it was just hours after his
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foad. he was caught in the crossfire between two gangs. it was during the festivities leading up to the west indian day parade. >> this was an extraordinary family. i think this is another painful reminder of the problem this nation has with gun violence. >> i want to show you a sketch of the suspected gunman along with some surveillance video of two men. they're wanted for questioning in this case. well, it is being called the biggest synthetic marijuana bust in new york city history. federal agented raided 80 six people. the six are among ten suspects now under federal indictment. officials say they schemed to import chemicals to make $30 million worth of synthetic spice or k-2. the drugs are marketed toward kids and sold for around $5,000 a packet at corner stores. in new jersey, police are hoping some new surveillance video will lead them to a man who randomly attacked a woman in
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it shows a muscular man approaching this victim near the corner of rosa parks boulevard and market street. this is back in july. without warning, he starts punching and kicking her, takes her purse and cell phone, runs off. a friend of the victim spoke to news 4. >> it's a shame. you have to be careful when you're walking. you got to turn your head from side to side because nobody knows. >> police say they're also looking for two possible accomplices. if you have any information, you're asked to give paterson police a call. police in new jersey releasing a sketch of a man wanted for attacking a woman. police say this man sexually assaulted two women just days apart last week. in both cases, he followed his victims who had just gotten off the 166 bus on broad avenue. he knocked them to the ground and attacked them. the victims are not seriously injured. 4:49 now. a star from tvs "the league" now admits he made up his story
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about narrowly surviving the september 11th attacks. steve tweeted a quote. as a young man, i made a mistake that i deeply regret and for enough. the nypd says it is taking no chances during pope francis' visit and will protect him by land, air, and sea. the police harbor patrol units challenge. they have two boats that can threat. those boats have radiation detectors on board. before pope francis arrives in our area, he goes to cuba. that's where banners are being put up. some buildings getting a new coat of paint. the pope arrives in havana in just two days. the pope mobile is already there and being put through the paces.
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the pope's visit. you can tune in this weekend for reports starting saturday night. >> going to be fantastic. >> looking forward to going. >> and it's a return trip for you. >> it is. eddie and i went in 1998. the country has changed a lot but not changed as much. so it should be interesting. this is the pope's first visit to cuba, first official visit. >> it's going to be great. looking forward to that, darlene. >> thank you. 4:50. still to come, it may be the best thing that happened to him. the offers pouring into the student who was arrested after bringing that homemade clock to school. hello, who's this? >> congratulations, you're speaking to donald trump. >> oh, hello, donald. >> jimmy fallon channels donald trump to give hillary some campaign advice. what he told her on "tonight show." you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 70 degrees. it's thursday morning. looking at the l.i.e. islanders fans, your team's getting a new look. the familiar orange and blue jerseys are not going away, but to mark the team's move to the barclays center in brooklyn, they unveiled these alternate black jerseys. they resemble the jerseys worn by the team they share the barclays center with, the brooklyn nets. that's what i thought when i first saw it. >> do they stick with the traditional orange and blue or do they make the subtle transformation? >> well, they changed locations.
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it'll be interesting to see. but they have a lot of tradition. a lot of stanley cups in those uniforms. >> they'd look like the l.a. kings with just the black and white. >> sold. >> decision made. >> it's been decided. square. >> work on that with me. meantime, let's get a look at what's going on today. lots of sunshine head ourg way once again today. we're starting out milder at 70 in the city. suburbs. 88 the afternoon high. and comfortable. tonight, clear sky, upper 60s in the city. a few 50s in the distant suburbs. we'll start to back down a little bit on these temperatures, but the overall general weather pattern stays quiet, nice, and storm free. >> wow. >> very nice. all right, chris, thank you. emily, good morning. >> good morning. we have a subway delay on the e train running express between canal to 42nd due to switch problems. let's take a live look at the holland tunnel this morning. still have that construction. one lane taken up each way.
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but the george roadwork has cleared. >> all right, emily. thanks so much. some artifacts are now back for everyone to see on elle is island. they had been removed three years ago after hurricane sandy. the display cases have mostly been empty since the storm. the collection was moved to maryland to protect them. the artifacts were not damaged, however the museum's heating and cooling system had been destroyed. >> very depressed at the beginning thinking, oh, my god, there's so much to go through to get this done. >> the rest of the 2,000 arty artifacts should be back on display by december. a teenager who was detained by police after teachers at his texas high school mistakenly thaukt his homemade clock resembled a bomb has been offered an internship from twitter. here's a photo of the project he brought to school. a teacher confiscated. soon the 14-year-old was handcuffed and questioned by police. ahmed was later release and will
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not face charges. he spoke to msnbc's chris hayes about all the support he's now receiving on social media. >> i didn't think i was going to get any support because i'm a muslim boy. i see it as a way of people sending a message to the rest of the world that just because something happens to you because of who you are, no matter what you do, people will always have your back. >> ahmed also received an invitation to the white house from president obama. coming up on 4:57, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton appeared on "the tonight show," where she apparently had a phone conversation with donald trump. >> you want to win? here's what you got to do. first, yell. i yell all the time. in fact, this phone isn't even plugged in. i'm just yelling. are you writing all this down? >> hold on. let me grab my pen.
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>> that's pretty good. as you can imagine, mrs. clinton and jimmy spoke extensively about donald trump and the ongoing republican debate. she also down played her e-mail controversy. clinton also laid out what she says is the biggest issue to define her campaign. >> i've got a plan so that if you go to a public college or university, you will not have to borrow money to pay tuition. and i have a plan to lower the debt. >> and mrs. clinton also said she proved to jimmy and the world that her hair is real. however, she said she did not admit the color may not be. now, this is the thing candidates have to do because of donald trump. everyone has to submit to the hair pull. you think like fdr did that? >> i don't think so. i think they didn't question hair back then and those such things. and it's all right, hillary. none of our hair color is real anyway. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> download the news 4 new york
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app on your mobile device. we are following two breaking stories this morning. right now a search for a missing 10-year-old girl. why police are concerned for her safety. >> also breaking in brooklyn, a livery cab driver killed. this morning a manhunt under way. we're live. but the simple fact is -- >> excuse me, one second. donald -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> 11 candidates, three hours. a whole lot of putdowns in between. the moments you need to know about from the republican presidential debate. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, september 17th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chrissy cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. off to a slightly milder start this morning. still on cool side in the suburbs. 54 in montgomery right now. it is as low as 50 in morristown. city the warm spot at 70 degrees. low to mid-60s central long
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island. looking at a day filled with sunshine. sun up to sun down once again. nice afternoon to be outside. noontime, 83 degrees. forecasting a high of 88, which is exactly where it was yesterday. emily west exactly in place to deliver some traffic information. >> yes, exactly. looks like construction is wrapped up. george looks much better. not a bad ride. on staten island, do have the roadwork. here's a live look near bradley avenue. you're going to find construction there. westbound a couple lanes taken up. eastbound as well. right now things are moving along okay. for your commuter checklist, so far, so good, even with lirr. expecting a normal morning commute. >> okay, emily. thank you very much. we're following breaking news right now. a search for a 10-year-old girl is happening in new york city. she was last seen in manhattan, but the search is expanding this morning. katherine creag is on the lower east side with more. >> reporter: police are saying the mom and dad may have taken their child, but that 10-year-old child is not
4:56 am
supposed to be with her parents. they don't have custody of her. this is her middle school on henry street on the lower east side. her name is celine hicks. she is 10 years old. police are saying her parents do not have custody of her. we have a photograph of that child, also the parents. they are 42-year-old carlos hicks and 39-year-old jacqueline hendricks. police say the child lives with another relative and that the parents have ties to the bronx. the 10-year-old was last seen at castle middle school on henry street on tuesday. just this past tuesday, september 15th, around 1:00 p.m. hicks and hendricks may be driving a 1993 white chevrolet lumina with a new mexico license plate ngg506. the father has an arrest record, including an arrest in july for driving with a suspended license in that chevrolet lumina. he may have an arrest record also out of state in new mexico where he once lived. back to you.
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>> all right, kat. thank you very much. also following breaking news in brooklyn. police just identified the livery cab driver stabbed to death overnight. it happened in east new york near the intersection of dumont avenue and shepherd avenue. tracie strahan is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. police have confirmed just within the past 30 minutes that the victim's name is raphael veras of brooklyn. he's 35 years old. right now crime scene investigators are looking at the camry he was in, stabbed multiple times around 1:00 this morning. let's show you some video of the crime scene. investigators doing their thing when we arrived on the scene. that's exactly what we saw. according to people that drove for the new lots cab company that many people say veras was driving for at the time, he was told expressly not to park in this area because it was dangerous. now, again, they say he was stabbed multiple times. some people say when they came here to the scene, they saw police performing cpr on him, but to no avail.
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brookdale hospital. right now authorities don't have much of a description on the suspect that they're looking for behind this. just said to be a male who was in this area at the time. darlene, it remains unclear if he was actually a fare this man picked up or just someone who approached his vehicle. thank you. this morning, the mta is ride on the long island railroad. overnight, crews wrapped up cars derailed. full service expected today. commuters say yesterday was a nightmare. during last night's rush hour alone, about a third of the eastbound trains were canceled. people were put on buss to go between the mineola and hicksville stations. remember, the morning commute was rough too. rough all around. >> absolutely. all right. hoping for a good commute every day. 5:03. hey, chris. good morning. >> we can dream, right? we've got good weather at least over the next couple days. we've had it all week. it continues through the rest of
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this workweek.


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